Dorman 80984 Engine Oil Filler Cap
Dorman 80984 Engine Oil Filler Cap

Dorman 80984 Engine Oil Filler Cap

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Dorman's Engine Oil Filler Cap is constructed of durable rubber to provide a tight, heat-resistant seal for the valve cover. It effectively prevents debris from entering into the Engine Oil, helping to protect the engine from damage and ensure engine longevity.

Fit Summary

Chrysler 2005-93, Dodge 2005-93, Eagle 1997-93, Jeep 2005-95, Plymouth 2001-96


  • Cross reference Chrysler 53010654AA
  • Replacement prevents debris and moisture from entering the Oil Fill Tube and contaminating the oil system
  • Clearly marked with raised letters for quick identification under the hood
  • Direct fit for ease of replacement
  • Easy to install