Optimate O-47 Premium Cable Adapter, Ducati to SAE

Optimate O-47 Premium Cable Adapter, Ducati to SAE

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Special fused accessory plug lead for use with SAE, OptiMate allows connection to the 12V power sockets fitted to some Ducati motorcycles. It can be a simpler alternative to fitting the O1 eyelet lead to the battery and is especially helpful where the battery is not easily accessible. As well as enabling easy connection of your OptiMate charger, the SAE connector can also be used to connect to other OptiMate accessories - e.g. to power USB devices, heated grips, portable devices etc. Use of the O15 Y-splitter as well enables connection of more than one accessory.

  • Converts the Ducati specific underseat battery charge connector (found on recent models) to an industry standard SAE 2-pole connector.
  • Model O-47 specs: L= 12″/30cm; 18AWG cable
  • -40°C/-40°F very low temperature use; cable remains flexible at ‘below freezing’ temperatures.
  • Cable max. rating: 5 Amp; 15A fuse.
  • Includes sealing cap for OptiMATE heavy duty SAE connector; Premium cable designed by TecMate. 3-year limited warranty.