Quantum HFP-382 Fuel Pump with Installation Kit
Quantum HFP-382 Fuel Pump with Installation Kit
Quantum Fuel Systems

Quantum HFP-382 Fuel Pump with Installation Kit

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The HFP-382 includes everything you might need to replace inside of your fuel pump assembly in order to get you back on the road.

The HFP-382 is used in a wide range of vehicles - this comprehensive installation kit is designed to include strainers and necessary hardware for any vehicle that uses the HFP-382. 

  • Outlet diameter 8mm
  • Pump diameter 35mm

Kit includes the following:

  • New wiring harness in case your OEM harness is brittle or broken.
  • Adapter wire harness for Ford (including Mercury, Jaguars, Jeeps) adapter may or may not be needed.
  • Fuel hose & clamps to connect pump to your OEM assembly
  • Rubber boot & foam sleeve
Cross Reference
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