Raymarine R70374 CPT-DVS Transom Mount Transducer

Raymarine R70374 CPT-DVS Transom Mount Transducer

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The CPT-DVS can be used with the Dragonfly 4 and 5 (all variants except 5M) and the new 7PRO model. If using with an original Dragonfly 5.7" or 7" model, use the A80331 Adapter Cable.

  • Description CPT-DVS Transom Mount Transducer
  • Material Urethane
  • Max Depth (Ft) DV:600 / FF:900
  • Frequency (KHz) CHIRP DownVision / Fishfinder
  • Beam Width (L/H) 25°/60°
  • Records Depth / Temperature
  • Approved Hull Material Fiberglass / Wood / Metal
  • Cable Length (Ft/M) 20ft / 6m
  • Supported Deadrise / Transom Angles 0-90° Transom
  • Part Number R70374