Stanton L720EE Phono Cartridge, T4P P-Mount
Stanton L720EE Phono Cartridge, T4P P-Mount

Stanton L720EE Phono Cartridge, T4P P-Mount

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Condition: Like New. Item appears new and unused in its original case but case has been opened and is faded from long term storage so is being sold "like new" to avoid disappointing you. Sold with our 30-day "no-hassle" return warranty.

The Stanton L720EE cartridge is a drop-in replacement for any P-mount or T4P cartridge. It comes with a highly polished special elliptical diamond for precision tracing of record grooves thus resulting in very high fidelity and faithfulness to the original recording. It also comes with an adaptor so that it may also be fitted and used with 1/2 inch mount tonearms.

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-17KHz
  • Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 3.2mV
  • Channel balance @ 1kHz: within 2dB
  • Channel separation @ 1kHz: 28dB
  • Tracking force: 0.75 - 1.5 g
  • Stylus tip: 0.3 x 0.7, special elliptical
  • DC Resistance: 535 ohms
  • Inductance: 400 mH
  • Weight: 6 g
  • Load resistance: 47k ohms
  • Load capacitance: 275 pF
Stylus Replacement
  • Standard stylus: D71EE stylus