Trane FLR-1592 / FLR01592, Spin-On Lube Oil Filter, 8" Length, 3 Micron Rating

Trane FLR-1592 / FLR01592, Spin-On Lube Oil Filter, 8" Length, 3 Micron Rating

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Condition: New

Genuine original Trane product.


Commonly Used with the Following Direct Drive Centravac Chillers:

CDHF1500*1A CDHF1500*1B CDHF1500*1C CDHF1500*1D CDHF1500*1E CDHF1500*1F CDHF1500*1G CDHF1500*1H CDHF1500*1J CDHF1500*1K CDHF1500*1L CDHF1500*1M CDHF1500*1N CDHF1500*1P CDHF1500*1Q CDHF1500*1R CDHF1500*1T CDHF1500*1U CDHF1500*1V CDHF1500*1W CDHF1500*1X CDHF1500*1Y CDHF1500*1Z CDHF1500*2A CDHF1500*2B CDHF1500*2C CDHF1500*2D CDHF1500*2E CDHF1500*2F CDHF1500*2G CDHF1500*2H CDHF1500*2J CDHF1500*2K CDHF1500*2L CDHF1500*2M CDHF1500*2N CDHF1500*2P CDHF1500*2Q CDHF1500*2R CDHF1500*2T CDHF1500*2U CDHF1500*2V CDHF1500*2W CDHF1500*2X CDHF1500*2Y CDHF1500*2Z CDHF1500*3A CDHF1500*D0 CDHF1500*E0 CDHF1500*F0 CDHF1500*G0 CDHF1500*H0 CDHF1500*J0 CDHF1500*K0 CDHF1500*L0 CDHF1500*M0 CDHF1500*N0 CDHF1500*P0 CDHF1500*R0 CDHF1500*T0 CDHF1500*U0 CDHF1500*V0 CDHF1500*W0 CDHF1500*Y0 CDHF1500*Z0 CDHF2000*1A CDHF2000*1B CDHF2000*1C CDHF2000*1D CDHF2000*1E CDHF2000*1F CDHF2000*1G CDHF2000*1H CDHF2000*1J CDHF2000*1K CDHF2000*1L CDHF2000*1M CDHF2000*1N CDHF2000*1P CDHF2000*1Q CDHF2000*1R CDHF2000*1T CDHF2000*1U CDHF2000*1V CDHF2000*1W CDHF2000*1X CDHF2000*1Y CDHF2000*1Z CDHF2000*2A CDHF2000*2B CDHF2000*2C CDHF2000*2D CDHF2000*2E CDHF2000*2F CDHF2000*2G CDHF2000*2H CDHF2000*2J CDHF2000*2K CDHF2000*2L CDHF2000*2M