Allen-Bradley 1771-HTE Encoder Terminal Panel, (91670401, 1771HTE)
Allen Bradley

Allen-Bradley 1771-HTE Encoder Terminal Panel, (91670401, 1771HTE)

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Condition: Used, pulled from a working environment. Sold with our "no-hassle" 30-day return warranty.

Encoder feedback termination panel for encoder feedback devices and servo drives.

Compatible with:

  • Cable Allen-Bradley 1771-CP1
  • Communication Module Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-DA, Allen-Bradley 1771-DB, Allen-Bradley 1771-KA, Allen-Bradley 1771-KE
  • CPU Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-KA2
  • I/O Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-A1B, Allen-Bradley 1771-A2B, Allen-Bradley 1771-A4B, Allen-Bradley 1771-AL, Allen-Bradley 1771-ALX, Allen-Bradley 1771-ASB, Allen-Bradley 1771-ASC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IA, Allen-Bradley 1771-IAD, Allen-Bradley 1771-IB, Allen-Bradley 1771-IBD, Allen-Bradley 1771-IBN, Allen-Bradley 1771-ID16-A, Allen-Bradley 1771-IE, Allen-Bradley 1771-IG, Allen-Bradley 1771-IGC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IK, Allen-Bradley 1771-IN, Allen-Bradley 1771-IQ, Allen-Bradley 1771-IT, Allen-Bradley 1771-IV, Allen-Bradley 1771-IVN, Allen-Bradley 1771-IXC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE, Allen-Bradley 1771-OA, Allen-Bradley 1771-OAB, Allen-Bradley 1771-OAD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OB, Allen-Bradley 1771-OBD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OBN, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD16, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD16/B, Allen-Bradley 1771-ODC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OFC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OFE1, Allen-Bradley 1771-OG, Allen-Bradley 1771-OGC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OGD, Allen-Bradley 1771-ON, Allen-Bradley 1771-OND, Allen-Bradley 1771-OQ16, Allen-Bradley 1771-OW, Allen-Bradley 1771-OZ, Allen-Bradley 1771-OZL, Allen-Bradley 1771-SDN, Allen-Bradley 1771-SIM, Allen-Bradley 1771-SN, Allen-Bradley 1771-WA, Allen-Bradley 1771-WB, Allen-Bradley 1771-WD
  • Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-ID, Allen-Bradley 1771-IDC
  • Power Supplies Allen-Bradley 1771-P2, Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S, Allen-Bradley 1772-P1
  • Power Supply Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-P4
  • Resolver Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-HRA
  • Standard Power Supplies Allen-Bradley 1771-P7, Allen-Bradley 1771-PA
  • Teach Pendant Interface Allen-Bradley 1771-HD