Basler Electric SSR 125-12 Static Voltage Regulator
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Basler Electric SSR 125-12 Static Voltage Regulator

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Condition: Used, very clean, pulled working from a well maintained federal government facility. Guaranteed working. Sold with our "no-hassle" 30-day return warranty.

The Basler SSR Series Voltage Regulators precisely controls the output voltage of an AC electric generating system by controlling the amount of current supplied to the exciter (or generator) field.

The SSR Series Voltage Regulators are for use on brushless generators that require a high performance regulator and use a wide range of accessory devices. Compatible with a variety of input voltages and frequencies, the SSR Series Voltage Regulator features a selectable V/Hz or 2-V/Hz frequency characteristic. The 2-V/Hz characteristic is for improved prime mover response during large motor starting and/or large load pick-up. The greater voltage drop means less kW loading will be seen by the prime mover and thus, a faster speed recovery. The SSR 125-12 has full-wave output.

  • Part#: 9 1859 00 102
  • Sensing: 100/240/480/600VAC, 50/60/400Hz
  • Power: 190-277VAC, 50-240Hz
  • Output: 125VDC, 12ADC
Cross Reference
  • 9185900102
  • SSR12512

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