CAT Caterpillar 9M-4217 Genuine Original OEM O-Ring (9M4217)

CAT Caterpillar 9M-4217 Genuine Original OEM O-Ring (9M4217)

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  • Main sealing material: Rubber
  • Seal or O-ring Type: Standard
  • Compatible with: air; diacetone alcohol; ethylene glycol; extreme high or low temperatures; high point aniline oil; isobutyl alcohol; ozone or UV light; polyglycol
  • Dashboard Size (in): 340
  • Temperature (°F): -50 - 300
  • Not compatible with: acetone; aromatic hydrocarbons; PE oil; fuel oil; gasoline; ketones; low point aniline oils; petroleum based oils; steam and hot water
  • Cross Section Diameter (in): 0.21
  • Internal Diameter (in): 3.35
  • Outside Diameter (in): 3.77
  • Hardness (Shore A): 70
  • SAE AS568 Dash Size: -340
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: silicone (70)
  • Material Description: Silicone performs well in a wide range of temperatures, from extremely low to moderately high, and is excellent for air applications. It is also compatible with engine oil. It has limited strength and resistance to abrasion and cut, so it works best in low-pressure applications. Silicone should not be used with diesel fuel, coolant or urea, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid, or biodiesel.
  • Coating: None