David Clark Company U3805 Remote Radio Junction (40135G-01)
David Clark Company

David Clark Company U3805 Remote Radio Junction (40135G-01)

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Model U3805 Radio Junction Module is a passive module that permits multiple Series 3800 Radio Interface Modules (a maximum of four) to be connected to one radio. Model U3805 provides one output to a mobile radio, one primary input from a Series 3800 Radio Interface Module, and three secondary inputs from Series 3800 Radio Interface Modules. Model U3805 also accepts input from Model C3019 Utility Radio Adapters (a modification is required to enable the use of Model C3019).

This module is recommended for systems utilizing two or more radio interface headseat stations.

  • Simple installation
  • One radio output connector (C3821)
  • One primary radio interface input connector (18352G-17)
  • Three secondary radio interface input connectors (18352G-17)


  • Passive module with no controls
  • Designed to simplify mobile radio interface installation by collecting radio interface cords from up to 4 Series 3800 Radio Interface Modules, and providing a single shared connection point to one radio
  • 4 each Radio Input connectors, for multiple connections of C3821 Radio Interface Cords (via 18352G-17 MS Connector Kit)
  • 1 Primary Radio Input
  • 3 Secondary Radio Inputs
  • 1 each Radio Output connector, for connection to mobile radio via C3821 Radio Interface Cord
  • Durable, weather-resistant enclosure
  • Quality materials, components and craftsmanship
  • Rugged and reliable