David Clark Company U3815A Radio Interface/Headset Station (40136G-02)
David Clark Company

David Clark Company U3815A Radio Interface/Headset Station (40136G-02)

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The U3815A Headset Station/Remote PTT is designed to combine the transmit and receive functions of a mobile radio with the David Clark Company Series 3800 Intercom System.

The Module has a headset jack, push-to-talk (PTT) button, radio input connector, two intercom connectors and a remote PTT connector. A listen level control allows the user to<br>adjust their headset volume to suit individual preference without affecting the volume of other&nbsp;users within a system.&nbsp;An important feature of the U3815A is that while the PTT button is depressed, or while a remote PTT switch is activated, radio transmission is limited to the user who's headset is connected to this module.


  • Expands the system, beyond the Master Station
  • Accommodates one Headset
  • Provides isolated radio transmit capability for the headset user at this position only, as well as radio receive from the connected radio for all users
  • Provides connection for further system expansion
  • Remote PTT connector accepts either 40071G-04 Footswitch or C3023 radio/intercom Belt Station
  • Simple installation
  • One system input connector (C38-XX)
  • One system output connector (C38-XX)
  • One radio input connector (C3821)
  • Headset jack
  • Listen Level control
  • Radio transmit momentary PTT switch

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