Delphi AF10343 Mass Air Flow Sensor for Honda CR-V/Civic

Delphi AF10343 Mass Air Flow Sensor for Honda CR-V/Civic

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Delphi MAF sensors provide the engine control module (ECM) with continuous information regarding how much — and how fast — air is entering the engine. This ensures optimal engine performance, increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. What’s more, Delphi is the only manufacturer that offers a MAF sensor with dual heated elements, which allow any platform to incorporate their MAF sensors into its air/fuel system, regardless of ducting assembly.

Delphi MAF sensors feature fast response, typically less than 15 milliseconds to 90 percent of flow change, for outstanding performance over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Delphi MAF sensors also use multiple sensing elements to eliminate sensitivity to changes in supply voltage and noise on power ground lines, and feature cold sealing available to -50C. 

  • Honda CR-V 2009
  • Honda Civic Si 2006-2011