Emerson BAEB 2 HCA Thermal Expansion Valve (PCN 062790)

Emerson BAEB 2 HCA Thermal Expansion Valve (PCN 062790)

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The BA/BN series is a balanced ported valve. Typical applications include: refrigerated cases, coolers, freezers, ice machines and air conditioning systems. BA/BN valves operate over widely varying operating conditions.

  • Stainless steel power element eliminates corrosion and prevents valve failure
  • Hermetic, leak-free construction
  • Compact size allows installation in limited spaces
  • Bi-Flow capability allows one valve to control the superheat in both cooling and heating modes for heat pump applications
  • Balanced port construction compensates for changes in operating pressures due to varying ambients, gas defrost, heat reclaim, or widely varying evaporator loads
  • Superheat adjustable
  • External equalizer 1/2 inch ODF
  • Bleed hole 0.023 inch
  • Nominal rating: 2 tons (7 Kw)
  • Refrigerant R-22
  • Temperature Range -10F to 50F
  • Tube Length 30 inches (76.2 cm)
  • Style Straight Thru
  • Inlet 3/8 inch ODF
  • Outlet 1/2 inch ODF