Lennox Interlink YKS-250-6-65L Genuine Original AC Condenser Fan Motor (104607-01)

Lennox Interlink YKS-250-6-65L Genuine Original AC Condenser Fan Motor (104607-01)

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Condition: New. Original box is missing, will ship in a generic box. Sold with our "no-hassle" 30-day return warranty.

  • Manufacturer: Interlink
  • Model # YKS-250-6-65L
  • Horsepower: 1/3
  • Voltage: 208-230 VAC 60Hz
  • Amps: 1.65
  • Phase: Single
  • RPM: 1075
  • Thermally Protected
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Motor Cooling/Duty: Air Over Continuous Duty
  • Rotation: Counterclockwise Lead End
  • Shaft Type: Single Side Flat Shaft
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 3"
Cross Reference
  • 10460701
  • YKS250665L
  • 14Y65


  • 79J81
  • 79J8101
Fits select Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane, Magic Chef, and Magic-Pak Models:  May fit other models not listed:
CHA16-072-1, CHA16-120-2, CHP20-060-1, CHP20-651-2, CHP20-653-2, CHP20R-060-3, CHP20R-651-2, CHP20RV-651-2, CHP20V-651-2, CHP20V-653-2, ELP090S4S-1, ELS072S4S-1, ELS120S4D-1, ELS120S4S-1, ELS180S4D-1, ELS240S4D-1, GCS16-072-160-1, GCS16-120-270-2, HP29-120-2, HS29-120-2, HS29-180-2, HS29-240-2, KCA024S4-2, KCA030S4-2, KCA036S4-2, KCA036S4-3, KCA048S4-2, KCA048S4-3, KCA060S4-1, KCA060S4-2, KCA060S4-3, KCA060S4-4, KCA072S4-1, KCA072S4-2, KCA072S4-3, KCA072S4-4, KCA090S4-1, KCA090S4-2, KCA090S4-3, KCA092H4-1, KCA092H4-2, KCA092S4-1, KCA092S4-2, KCA092S4-3, KCA102H4-1, KCA102H4-2, KCA102S4-1, KCA102S4-2, KCA102S4-3, KCA120H4-1, KCA120S4-1, KCA120S4-2, KCA120S4-3, KCA150S4-1, KCA150S4-2, KCA150S4-3, KCA156H4-1, KCA156H4-2, KCA180H4-1, KCA180S4-1, KCA180S4-2, KCA210H4-1, KCA210S4-1, KCA210S4-2, KCA240H4-1, KCA240S4-1, KCA240S4-2, KCA300H4-1, KCA300S4-1, KCA300S4-2, KCB024S4-1, KCB030S4-1, KCB036S4-1, KCB036S4-2, KCB048S4-1, KCB060S4-1, KCB072H4-1, KCB074H4-1, KCB074S4-1, KCB090S4-1, KCB092S4-1, KCB102S4-1, KCB120S4-1, KCB150S4-1, KCB180S4-1, KCB180S4-2, KCB210S4-1, KCB210S4-2, KCB240S4-1, KCB240S4-2, KCB300S4-1, KCB300S4-2, KDB036H4-1, KDB048H4-1, KDB060H4-1, KDB092H4-1, KDB102H4-1, KDB122H4-1, KGA024S4-2, KGA030S4-2, KGA036S4-2, KGA036S4-3, KGA036S4-4, KGA048S4-2, KGA048S4-3, KGA048S4-4, KGA060S4-1, KGA060S4-2, KGA060S4-3, KGA060S4-4, KGA060S4-5, KGA072S4-1, KGA072S4-2, KGA072S4-3, KGA072S4-4, KGA090S4-1, KGA090S4-2, KGA090S4-3, KGA090S4-4, KGA092H4-1, KGA092H4-2, KGA092H4-3, KGA092S4-1, KGA092S4-2, KGA092S4-3, KGA102H4-1, KGA102H4-2, KGA102S4-1, KGA102S4-2, KGA102S4-3, KGA120H4-1, KGA120S4-1, KGA120S4-2, KGA120S4-3, KGA150S4-1, KGA150S4-2, KGA150S4-3, KGA156H4-1, KGA156H4-2, KGA180H4-1, KGA180S4-1, KGA180S4-2, KGA210H4-1, KGA210S4-1, KGA210S4-2, KGA240H4-1, KGA240S4-1, KGA240S4-2, KGA300H4-1, KGA300S4-1, KGA300S4-2, KGB036S4-1, KGB036S4-2, KGB048S4-1, KGB060S4-1, KGB060S4-2, KGB072H4-1, KGB074H4-1, KGB074S4-1, KGB090S4-1, KGB092S4-1, KGB102S4-1, KGB120S4-1, KGB150S4-1, KGB180S4-1, KGB180S4-2, KGB210S4-1, KGB210S4-2, KGB240S4-1, KGB240S4-2, KGB300S4-1, KGB300S4-2, KHA024S4-2, KHA030S4-2, KHA036S4-2, KHA048S4-2, KHA060S4-1, KHA060S4-2, KHA072S4-2, KHA092S4-1, KHA102S4-1, KHA120S4-1, KHA150S4-1, KHA180S4-1, KHA240S4-1, KHB036S4-1, KHB048H4-1, KHB048S4-1, KHB060H4-1, KHB060S4-1, KHB074S4-1, KHB092H4-1, KHB102H4-1, KHB122H4-1, LCA036H-1, LCA036H4-1, LCA036S-1, LCA042H-1, LCA042S-1, LCA048H-1, LCA048H-3, LCA048H4-3, LCA048S-1, LCA060H-1, LCA060H4-4, LCA060H4-5, LCA060S-1, LCA072H-1, LCA072H4-1, LCA072S-1, LCA088H-1, LCA088S-1, LCA090H-1, LCA090H4-1, LCA100S-1, LCA102H-1, LCA102H-3, LCA102H4-3, LCA102S-1, LCA120H-1, LCA120H4-1, LCA120S-1, LCA150S-1, LCA150S-2, LCA156H-1, LCA180H-1, LCA180S-1, LCA210H-1, LCA210H-2, LCA210S-1, LCA240H-1, LCA240H4-4, LCA240H4-5, LCA240S-1, LCA248H2-1, LCA248H2-2, LCA248H4-1, LCA248H4-2, LCA300H-1, LCA300S-1, LCA360H-1, LCA360H-2, LCA360H4-4, LCB240H-2, LCC036S2-1, LCC042S2-1, LCC048S2-1, LCC060S2-1, LCC072S-1, LCC072S4-1, LCC090S2-1, LCC102S-1, LCC120S-1, LCC120S4-1, LCC150S-1, LCC150S4-1, LCC156H-1, LCC156H4-1, LCC180H2-1, LCC180H4-1, LCC180H4-2, LCC180S-1, LCC210H2-1, LCC210H4-1, LCC210S-1, LCC240S-1, LCC300H2-1, LCC300H2-2, LCC300H4-1, LCC300H4-2, LCC300S-1, LCC300S4-1, LCC360H2-1, LCC360H2-2, LCC360H4-1, LCC360H4-2, LCE036H-1, LCE036H4-2, LCE060H-1, LCE060H4-2, LCE060H4-3, LCE120H-1, LCE120H4-2, LCE120H4-3, LCE120H4-4, LCE240H-1, LCE240H4-2, LCE240H4-4, LCE240H4-5, LCH036H4-1, LCH036H4-2, LCH036H4-3, LCH036S4-1, LCH036S4-2, LCH036S4-3, LCH036U4-1, LCH048H4-1, LCH048H4-2, LCH048H4-3, LCH048U4-1, LCH048S4-1, LCH048S4-2, LCH048S4-3, LCH060H4-1, LCH060H4-2, LCH060H4-3, LCH060S4-1, LCH060S4-2, LCH060S4-3, LCH060U4-1, LCH072H4-1, LCH072H4-2, LCH072H4-3, LCH074H4-1, LCH074U4-1, LCH092H4-1, LCH092H4-2, LCH092H4-3, LCH094U4-1, LCH102H4-1, LCH102H4-2, LCH102H4-3, LCH120H4-1, LCH120H4-2, LCH120H4-3, LCH122U4-1, LCH152U4-1, LCH156H4-1, LCH156H4-2, LCH156H4-3, LCH156H4-4, LCH180H4-1, LCH180H4-2, 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TSA240S4-1, ZCA092S4-1, ZCA102S4-1, ZCA120S4-1, ZCB092S4-1, ZCB102S4-1, ZCB120S4-1, ZGA092S4-1, ZGA102S4-1, ZGA120S4-1, ZGB092S4-1, ZGB102S4-1, ZGB120S4-1, ZHA092S-1, ZHA102S-1, ZHB072S4-1