NGK 2649 YE01 Glow Plug for Select Kubota Engines

NGK 2649 YE01 Glow Plug for Select Kubota Engines

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NGK Glow Plugs are manufactured to ensure fast ignition even at temperature below freezing point. They are constructed from a durable material which is corrosion and abrasion resistant. This glow plug is fitted in the cylinder head and the glow pencil protrudes into the glow chamber which helps heat up the air in the chamber up to 800 degrees. This enables the diesel fuel to be ignited more quickly. It ensures longevity and can be easily installed.

  • Thread Diameter 8mm
  • Thread Pitch 1.0mm
  • Hex Size 10mm
  • Overall Height 69mm
  • Terminal Type Threaded
  • Body Material Metal
  • Glow Tube Length 19mm
  • Heating Characteristic Sheathed Coil
  • Voltage 11v
  • Torque Specs 5.8-10.8 lb. ft.
  • Type Self Regulating
  • RTV900 Base
  • D1005-E 
  • D662-E 
  • D722-E 
  • D905-E 
  • V1205-E
  • V1205-TE 
  • V1305-E 
  • V1505-E 
  • V1505-TE 
  • Z482-E