Philips LFH9375 Pocket Memo Voice Recorder

Philips LFH9375 Pocket Memo Voice Recorder

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Condition: Used in very good condition. Missing original packaging, will ship in generic box. Sold with our "no-hassle" 30-day return warranty.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries and SD Card, not included.

  • The high-quality microphone delivers increased recording sensitivity and excellent sound quality.
  • Easy and fast file editing (insert, overwrite, append) via convenient push-button operation.
  • With the included priority setting option, urgent recordings can be processed first. This makes sure important recordings are not overseen and helps you and your transcriptionists manage your workloads better.
  • When plugged in, the dictation device automatically uploads your audio files directly onto the computer and into the SpeechExec dictation workflow.
  • Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks to an exchangeable memory card.
  • The ergonomically shaped lightweight metal body is ideal for convenient working over longer periods of time.
  • Voice-activated recording is a convenience feature for hands-free recording. When enabled, recording will start automatically when you start speaking. Recording stop automatically after you stop speaking and restart automatically when you start speaking again.